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Keysborough Dental Surgery’s full and partial dentures are of first-grade

Dentures are removable replacements for your lost teeth and are popular among ageing adults.

While dentures are the conventional way of artificially filling in for the missing set of whites, the technique has advanced, making the process simpler and hassle free.

Made of acrylic, the dentures have a plastic base customised to match the missing set and colour of your gums.

Partial dentures and full dentures are the two options available. Call Keysborough Dental Surgery on 03 9798 6666 to enquire today.

Partial dentures

Partial dentures suit those who have lost single or multiple teeth and are keen to fill in the void between permanent natural teeth. The dentures are clasped to the adjoining natural teeth with the help of wires. It is critical to get a timely procedure of partial dentures as it reduces the risk of teeth tilting or drifting. If you have lost your set of ivories due to accident, decay or old age, talk to our experts and explore if this procedure is for you.

Full dentures

Also known as complete dentures, this procedure can be done only when there are no natural set of teeth left. Full dentures are made of the upper jaw, lower jaw or both and are natural looking. They bring back the smile on your face and opens up a range of food options to enjoy.

Are dentures for everybody?

Yes, dentures are artificial tooth or teeth customised to act as your natural pearls. Anyone looking to fill the voids and gaps in the mouth can consider it.

Is there a minimum age to get dentures?

There is no minimum age to getting dentures. There have been cases when older teens have knocked off the adult tooth due to an accident with no replacement tooth coming. So dentures is a procedure to consider. However, since the jawline is still developing until the age of 21, a regular change of dentures may be required in such a case.