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Dental Scale And Clean Services In Keysborough

Prevention is better than a cure! This holds true for your dental healthas well.  

A regular dental check-up at least once every six months isessential for your dental health because food particles and drink stains get stuck in your tooth grooves, resulting in plaque, calculus, and stains. Regular oral hygiene practices like brushing and flossing help in getting rid of the food articles, but sometimes it misses some of it, which are hard to reach.

The bacteria present in your saliva cause the slow decomposition of food and releases acids that corrode the protective tooth enamel. This causes several periodontal diseases like tooth decay, sore and bleeding gums, sensitive teeth, and much more.

A professional dental scale and clean helps in removing bacterial plaque and tartar deposits that cause tooth decay and gum diseases. This plays a vital role in the maintenance of your oral health and in givingyou a bright and confident smile.

Speciality Of Our Dental Scale And Clean

As a reputed scale and clean dentist of Keysborough, our main objective is to provide a quality patient care treatment that ensures you are in safe, capable hands. We give our patient a longer appointment time with our expert dentist so that you can comfortably discuss your dental issues.

 The warm, welcoming environment and the caring touch of our dedicated professionals give you the feeling of coming home once you enter our dental clinic. Our dental scale and clean service mainly consist of three steps as follows:


We use an electric scaler to crack and remove the toughest calculus or plaque.The use of electric scaler followed by a jet spray of water helps in softening the plaque built over time. It cleans away the debris lodged between your teeth.


We use a manual scaler to clean the plaque formed on the parts of the teeth that is difficult to reach.


Scrubbing and polishing protect your teeth from further decay and gives you overall oral health and hygiene.

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