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Dental Implants

Dental Implants Keysborough

Keysborough Dental Surgery is now offering dental implants to its patients. A dental implant is a procedure where a synthetic tooth with titanium root is screwed in the jaw of the missing tooth. Due to its titanium build, the root allows bone and tissue cells to freely grow around it, acting as if it were an organic part of the body itself. This effectively cements your new tooth in place and helps replicate the original look of your teeth.

We follow the following procedure to ensure your implant procedure is successful.

Scale and Clean

Plaque, calculus, and stains develop and grow around your teeth every day. And with teeth of different shapes and varying fissures, food particles and drink stains get stuck in grooves easily. While regular brushing and flossing do help you get rid of most of the food residue, missing out on some hard to reach spots causes a slow decomposition of the food by the bacteria present in your saliva.

A professional scaling and cleaning treatment is sure to keep these dental issues at bay.Read More

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Digital X-rays to assist dental diagnosis


X-rays are an essential part of the dental treatment plan. They help diagnose and prevent a potential dental issue from becoming a major dental problem.

Digital x-rays are an advanced form of the conventional x-rays. Convenient to operate, digital x-rays can take periapical, bitewing, panoramic and occlusal x-rays faster and with ease. Also unlike the conventional x-ray, digital x-rays emit less radiation.

At Keysborough Dental Surgery, we use the state of the art digital x-rays. This enables us to take high resolution images of the teeth and the jaws, allowing the dentist to zoom in the images, multifold. By doing so, the dentist get a vivid picture of existing and potential oral issues of our patients, early on.Read More

Dental fillings

Dental fillings help restore teeth damaged by decay back to their normal function. First, the decayed portion of the tooth is removed. Then the void is filled by using the latest restorative materials which have optimum characteristics for strength and aesthetics. We most often use composite resin material, closest to the tooth colour. The composite material is sturdy and is suitable for back and front teeth.Read More

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Root canals


Root canal therapy aims to treat disorders of the nerve inside the tooth. These are usually caused by bacterial irritation from dental decay, a previous large and deep filling or crown, or trauma to the tooth. Over a few dental appointments, our dentist disinfects and seals the nerve space. In most cases, a customised crown is required after root canal therapy to strengthen the tooth for longevity.Read More


It is often beneficial to save a tooth where possible, but sometimes it is necessary to remove it rather than keeping it. This is often done when the natural set has been damaged beyond repair and also holds a high chance of infecting the nearby teeth. The common reasons for extraction are accidents, facial injuries, decay or to make room for growing an adult tooth. Extractions need not be painful. Talk to our dentist who can provide you with options to replace the missing tooth.Read More


Crowns and Bridges


A crown is a cap or covering for a tooth. Dentists opt for crown as a treatment procedure when a tooth is no longer suitable for filling. A customised crown helps to strengthen severely weak tooth and given the right conditions, a crown could last for around ten years.

When multiple crowns join together, it’s called a bridge. Bridges are usually used to replace missing teeth. With these treatments, the natural shape and look of your teeth can be replicated to restore full dental function.

Consult our dentist to understand the best option for the personalised dental care that suits you.Read More


Dentures are removable replacements for your lost teeth and are popular among ageing adults.

While dentures are the conventional way of artificially filling in for the missing set of whites, the technique has advanced, making the process simpler and hassle free.

Made of acrylic, the dentures have a plastic base customised to match the missing set and colour of your gums.

Partial dentures and full dentures are the two options available. Call Keysborough Dental Surgery on 03 9798 6666 to enquire today.Read More

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Dental emergencies come unannounced and most often you are not sure where to go. Call Keysborough Dental Surgery on 03 9798 6666 if you seek emergency dental treatment. A dental emergency could be:

  • facial swelling
  • bleeding (trauma affecting your mouth)
  • an accident involving damage to your mouth or teeth.
  • dental pain (e.g. in tooth, mouth, gum, jaw)
  • broken or knocked out teeth

Read More

Child Dental Benefit Scheme

Commonwealth Child Dental Benefits Schedule provides assistance for basic dental treatment over a two-year period for eligible children aged between 2–17.

  • 2-17-year-olds are eligible if they receive Family Tax Benefit A or other relevant
  • Australian Government payments
  • Treatment is bulk billed through Medicare
  • Eligible children pay $0 – no out of pocket costs
  • No wait list – your child will have the next available appointment

Read More

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Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure which helps lighten the teeth colour and removes stains and discolouration.  It is one of the most popular dental procedures as it is a fast, easy and inexpensive solution for improving your smile.